Application of Intelligent Electronic Lock in Logistics Transportation

At present, the security measures of more industries are gradually improved, but the security problems in the process of logistics, transportation, and distribution have not been solved.

At present, trucks in the process of transportation, usually only a padlock on the carriage, and for the convenience of user management, each lock is equipped with a series of ordinary mechanical keys. The padlock is easy to open, if a key accidentally lost, it will bring great security risks to the vehicle cargo.

As a result of an ordinary mechanical lock, padlock because be pried, if again encounter irresponsible driver, use authority to steal goods in the truck, can easily cause irreparable damage. The average key can be copied many times, even if thefts occur frequently, but because it is impossible to know for sure whether someone opened the lock during transportation, it is difficult to investigate the responsibility, and eventually, it has to be abandoned. The lock is regarded as the core guarantee in logistics transportation. When the security of the lock cannot be guaranteed, it is not surprising that goods are frequently lost in the logistics transportation industry.

In such an environment, the cargo transport industry is in urgent need of a more secure lock.

JWM intelligent electronic lock management system is based on the computer management software as the background, with the handheld device for the intelligent electronic lock and key Settings, only when the lock core internal microprocessor and the key internal chip mutual verification can unlock an intelligent electronic padlock. This smart lock provides two options for the logistics transport lockpicking scheme: one is the “keyless” scheme of the driver ,which is locked by the field administrator in the loading area and unlocked by the local administrator after arriving at the unloading area; The other is that the loading area is locked by the driver or the site administrator. When arriving at the unloading area, the driver opens the mobile APP and applies for the unlock request. After the administrator verifies with the local administrator, the driver is authorized to open the lock. The biggest difference from the traditional lock is that while fully ensuring the security of goods, the separate Settings of electronic lock, smart key, management software, and mobile APP really give the initiative of logistics and transportation to the shippers. Through the unified authorization of information, assets are protected, supervision personnel is kept, and records are kept for inquiry.

Only by making every step in the transportation process transparent and procedural can the loss of goods be fundamentally avoided and safety guaranteed.

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