After Sales Questions About Vanma Products.

Vanma Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Lock working status prompt
Verify SuccessfullyBlue LED Flashes 1 Time
Verify FailedRed LED Flashes 1 Time
Enroll FingerprintBlue LED Keeps on
Enroll SuccessfullyBlue LED Flashes 2 Times
Enroll DoneBlue LED Flashes 3 Times
Enroll FailedRed LED Flashes 1 Time
Delete SuccessfullyBlue LED Flashes 3 Times
Delete FailedRed LED Keeps on
Reset SuccessfullyRed& Blue LED flash 1 Time
ChargingBlue LED Flashes
Full ChargedBlue LED Off
Low BatteryRed LED Flashes 1 Time after unlock successfully.
What size hole does the cabinet lock fit?
The hole diameter is less than 18mm.
What size panel thickness is suitable for the lock?
The panel thickness is less than 22mm.
What are the dimensions of the fingerprint pad?
The diameter of fingerprint pad is 11mm(0.43inch).
Is there an emergency way to open it if the unit stops working?
  • Power up the lock first.
  • Reset lock.
Why anyone fingerprints can unlock it?
  • If there is no fingerprint is set, anyone can open it. Set up your fingerprint first after you receive it.
  • If fingerprint does not be set successfully, any finger still can unlock, so please follow the instructions/video guide to set. If you need, please contact us in time.
How to open the lock when the battery is dead?
There is an emergency charging port on the lock body, please connect the power supply to it.
If the lock cannot be charged, please do the below actions to check:
  • Please confirm the charging power(DC5V 500mA or advanced)
  • Please check the light status:Is it in charging state or low battery state?
    (Charging: Blue LED Flashes; low battery: red led flashes 1 time after unlock successfully)
In the case of a full charge, plugging in the power can unlock, and power unplugging cannot unlock.
The battery is in a low battery state, please contact us directly.
How do I choose the right type of lock for my door?
  • Drawer locks: Wooden doors
  • Cabinet locks: Double doors, tin file cabinets
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