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After Sales Questions About Vanma Products.

Vanma Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Verify SuccessfullyBlue LED Flashes 1 Time
Verify FailedRed LED Flashes 1 Time
Enroll FingerprintBlue LED Keeps on
Enroll SuccessfullyBlue LED Flashes 2 Times
Enroll DoneBlue LED Flashes 3 Times
Enroll FailedRed LED Flashes 1 Time
Delete SuccessfullyBlue LED Flashes 3 Times
Delete FailedRed LED Keeps on
Reset SuccessfullyRed& Blue LED flash 1 Time
ChargingBlue LED Flashes
Full ChargedBlue LED Off
Low BatteryRed LED Flashes 1 Time after unlock successfully.

The hole diameter is less than 18mm.

The panel thickness is less than 22mm.

The diameter of fingerprint pad is 11mm(0.43inch).

  • Power up the lock first.
  • Reset lock.

  • If there is no fingerprint is set, anyone can open it. Set up your fingerprint first after you receive it.
  • If fingerprint does not be set successfully, any finger still can unlock, so please follow the instructions/video guide to set. If you need, please contact us in time.

There is an emergency charging port on the lock body, please connect the power supply to it.

  • Please confirm the charging power(DC5V 500mA or advanced)
  • Please check the light status:Is it in charging state or low battery state?
    (Charging: Blue LED Flashes; low battery: red led flashes 1 time after unlock successfully)

The battery is in a low battery state, please contact us directly.

  • Drawer locks: Wooden doors
  • Cabinet locks: Double doors, tin file cabinets

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