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The banking environment is vulnerable to various attacks. Therefore, a powerful access control system is an important part of the overall security of the bank.

Access control for banking environment serves two purposes.The first is to control and supervise the keys used by the entire bank. These may include keys for filing cabinets, cash drawers, offices, communication rooms, etc.

The second purpose of the access control and management system is to provide forensic clues for valuable evidence in the event of an accident. Knowing who owns a particular key and when has important information is very helpful for investigation and evidence collection.


Based on the bank’s special access control requirements, Vanma proposes a key-centric access control system for the particularity of its industry. The system aims to make banks and facilities with a large number of employees and customers more secure through key authority control, access record tracking and other functions.

Key-centric Access Control System

Based on a unique technology, key-centric access management is constructed with the end user in mind. It is based on three elements: a smart key, an electronic lock cylinder, and a unique software suite that provides powerful and traceable access control. Each smart key is unique and cannot be copied and reprogrammed, enabling it to open one or all access points, and in the event of loss or theft, such keys can be quickly disabled.

No Wiring Required

This solution does not require cables. The lock (also called a cylinder) does not require a power source or battery, which means it can be installed on any door (just like a mechanical lock) without maintenance. The permissions are stored in it. If your employee has authorization for the lock, it will open. If you do not have permission, you will not be allowed to enter, and all activities performed by the key will be recorded.

Audit Trail

The advanced software suite can provide access to all operations performed by the end-user, including a complete audit trail.


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