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Vanma Product Overview

Smart Key | Electronic Lock | Management Software

Efficient Access Control Management

Vanmalock consists of three elements: electronic keys, electronic locks and a software system.

  • The electronic key cannot be copied and can be programmed.
  • The electronic lock can withstand harsh outdoor environments and is IP68 rated.
  • The cloud infrastructure of the software system allows you to manage access control rights at any time, regardless of location.

It can be incorporated into almost any place where a lock can be installed, such as gates, server racks, file cabinets, meter boxes, etc. All without cables or power to the lock.

One Key to Unlock Multiple Locks

A single electronic key can unlock multiple locks and replace cumbersome bunches of keys.

Access Records

The Vanma Management System can provide access to all operations performed by relevant personnel, including a complete audit report.

Blacklist Management

In the event of key loss or theft, such keys can be swiftly disabled.

Access Control

Through the Management System, access rights can be set at any time and any day, as well as specific areas.

AES256 Encryption

AES256 encryption technology prevents technical unlocking. Make the lock more secure.

Easy to Install

Vanma lock without power or wiring makes installation simpler and cost efficient.


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