Oil Industry

Oil is the world’s precious, finite resource, extracted from where it is extracted and transported around the world. They fuel cars, heat homes and businesses, cook food, and help countries and people’s lives in many different ways. There are many important issues involved in the extraction of oil, and because the mines are located in remote locations, the flow of resources, as well as the extraction equipment and tools, are difficult to control and trace if the management procedures are not adequate, as are the losses caused by improper handling and loss. There are likewise many problems in transit, with a complex network of pipes, wires, ducts and cables. Thus, for mining links some are buried only a few feet or less below the surface. Damage can be caused by both man-made and non-man-made vandalism, interrupting service and therefore incurring costly repairs also with serious life-threatening consequences. It is evident that in the oil industry, a strong management control system is needed to support various aspects such as technical safety management, pipeline safety management, environmental safety management, and safe operation management.

Vanma has accumulated many cases of oil security and has developed solutions to address these issues to help customers secure their property in all aspects of oil extraction and transportation. The Vanma electromechanical locking solution provide powerful access control and flexible authorization and accountability for the oil industry. The system provides greater security for all aspects of oil extraction.

Robust Access Control System

The Vanma control system is able to provide access control to key areas, where only authorized personnel can enter. To protect the safety of workers and ensure business continuity. With Vanma management software, access rights can be precisely set for users, allowing access only to those who hold valid qualifications and induction training within the site or specific site area. Contractors can only gain access if they hold a current and valid work order. Unauthorized access is avoided by granting different permissions for different roles, including not only areas but also time, and records are synchronized to the software in real time. Emergency measures can be taken as soon as anomalies are detected. Effectively avoid damage to mining equipment and tools.

Locking system adapted to transportation

Whether located in remote oil development areas or complex and tight pipeline transportation processes, corrosion and damage to the lock including dust or oxidation of the lock cylinder may lead to blockage of the lock hole, making the lock unable to function properly, resulting in incalculable repair and remediation costs. vanma smart lock has IP68 protection rating and the highest level of water and dust resistance. It does not have a lock hole in the traditional sense, so there is no dust, ice or snow to clog the lock hole. Meanwhile, to ensure stable communication between the key and the lock, the developer has equipped the Vanma electronic key with infrared sensing technology. Even if the surface of the lock is wet, the information can be transmitted properly. Also with GPS and geo-fencing function can supervise the delivery process and ensure the stability of the oil delivery route.

Avoid expensive wiring

Most of the oil extraction sites cover vast lands and have harsh natural conditions that do not allow for easy access to electricity. For access control systems that require power, wiring can be time-consuming and costly.
Vanma has created a solution that is easy to install. All lock cylinders are passive, powered by a key and authenticated for access. And old mechanical lock cylinders can be directly replaced by Vanma electronic locks without any modification.

System Composition

Vanma Solution consists of three parts, electronic key, electronic lock and management software. The electronic key is the core of the whole system, which powers the lock when it is unlocked. Vanma locks are passive devices. Access rights are stored in the electronic key. The Vanma management software is the foundation of the entire solution, by managing the software, distributing and revoking access rights, reviewing access records.


Vanma Electronic Key

Vanma Electronic Lock


Vanma Management Software

Vanma for Oil Industry

Vanma continues to provide security access management solutions for oil industry,including oil extraction, storage, transportation and facilities such as gas stations.

Vanma is a company dedicated to lock innovation, and providing the world with a more secure lock management system is the goal of Vanma’s passion. Up to now, more and more people around the world have enjoyed the efficient management and safe environment brought by Vanma locks.


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