Traceable Electromechanical Access Control Management System

Easily switch to the Vanma locking system without destroying the existing door lock structure,saving wiring costs.keep your facility

What is Vanma lock?

Controllable. Traceable. Flexible.

Vanmalock is a key-centric access control system based on three elements: smart electronic keys, electronic locks (lock cylinders), and robust management software

The Vanma electronic lock has the same appearance as the mechanical lock, the difference is that the lock cylinder of the Vanma electronic lock is a smart lock cylinder with the function of storing information. Each smart key is unique, impossible to duplicate, and re-programmable. Employers can set specific unlocking time and unlocking list for employees through the software. Employees need to have unlocking authority within the specified unlocking time, and cannot unlock at other times. After the employee ends his work task, the unlock record will be uploaded to the software synchronously. Through the software, managers can view records of the unlocking process and trace responsibility back to individuals.

system structure

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Compared to Mechanical Lock and Key

Bundles of keys. And you have to have a key for each user and lock.
Unique key. It contains all the permissions for which they are authorized (the locks you are allowed to unlock and in which time expiration).
Easy to copy. In case of loss of the key, lock replacement.
Unable to copy. In case of loss of the key, the permission is canceled.
Lack of unlocking information.
Record unlock information. You can get all the unlock tracking records (where, and when which user or worker access the lock).

Working Process

Working Process


Program Vanma electronic locks and keys


Install Vanma locks


Start to unlock & lock

Upload the data from the key


Check the data on software

How Does It Work?

One Key to Unlock Multiple Locks

A single electronic key can unlock multiple locks and replace cumbersome bunches of keys.

Access Records

The Vanma Management System can provide access to all operations performed by relevant personnel, including a complete audit report.

Blacklist Management

In the event of key loss or theft, such keys can be swiftly disabled.

Access Control

Through the Management System, access rights can be set at any time and any day, as well as specific areas.

AES256 Encryption

AES256 encryption technology prevents technical unlocking. Make the lock more secure.

Easy to Install

Vanma lock without power or wiring makes installation simpler and cost efficient.

Custom Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

A variety of lock types to meet customer customization needs.
vanma type of locks

Clients Feedback

Western Power Substation (Cape Town)

It gives me peace of mind knowing exactly when someone has accessed any piece of equipment in my operation. The system really puts some accountability into place.

TTCL Tanzania

It is super convenient to get this. Awesome product, effortless configure. Thanks to this solution. Our job time becomes better.

Mabucom co., Ltd in Nigeria

We loved everything about Vanma products. It is really nice. The locks are tough strong, but the service is soft. Super company.

Oman Airport (OOMS)

Absolutely fabulous and a pleasure experience to work with such an energy team and amazing products.
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