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How to Ensure the Physical Security of the Data Center?

Because data centers have large amounts of valuable data, they are often subject to constant security threats. Those unauthorized access cost the global data center industry more than US$500 billion each year. There is no doubt that data center security management has become a top priority for modern data center managers. Basic low-level protection is no longer sufficient to meet the complexity of the modern data center environment. Data center managers need to ensure absolute security, while also ensuring the access rights required by technicians, and maintaining the normal operation of equipment.

The following are some useful suggestions that hope to help protect your data center from physical threats and intrusions:

1. Electronic lock access control

One of the most common and effective ways to ensure the security of data center assets is to store them in closed security areas. Hide your assets behind doors that can be locked with intelligent electronic locks to prevent unauthorized access. Passive electronic locks have extremely high control over key management. Through the management software, the access rights of each key can be flexibly controlled (including the specific user, date, and time period). Through the management software, you can also know who and when makes the access attempt.

2. Set access permissions for different roles

Data center security threats mainly originate from within. Restrict employees from accessing data centers, equipment, and areas where they can use. Prevent unauthorized access by granting permissions to different users. For example, one user can only operate a single server cabinet, while another user can only view the other equipment in the data center.

3. Background check

Know that the main security threats to the data center come from the employees themselves, so you need to pay special attention to the personnel working in the data center. Now, pre-employment background checks are almost very common. For the safety of your data center, it is recommended that you do this just in case.

4. Strengthen security patrol

Security patrols are indispensable for maintaining the security of the data center. Try to ensure that security guards is patrolling around the clock (24x7x365). Once abnormal personnel activities are found, they can also conduct inquiries and cross-examinations to reduce the existing threats.

5. Video surveillance

Video surveillance is an important part of data center security and an extremely valuable and cost-effective tool to reduce security threats. Through video surveillance, every move in the data center can be monitored. If abnormal activities are found, security guard can be called for control. In the event of damage and intrusion, the surveillance video can also be used to facilitate the detection of police cases.

6. Take precautions

Data centers face new threats to physical security every day. Don’t wait for damage or intrusion to protect the property in the data center. It is recommended to enhance the security protection capability (physical) of your data center through the electronic lock management system. Electronic lock management software can help you track everyone who has entered the data center by reporting and monitoring user activities.


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