Vanma Wall-mounted Key Cabinet

Vanma Wall-mounted Key Cabinet

The Vanma Wall-Mounted Smart Key Cabinet offering businesses an enhanced key management solution. 

With remote authorization, illegal access detection, and comprehensive backend management capabilities, it ensures a more secure, reliable, and durable key management system.

Vanma Wall-mounted Key Cabinet

Face ID/Fingerprint/IC Card/Password

Timeout/Wrong Operation Alarm

Remote/Temporary/Specific  Authorization

Automatic Record Upload and Storage

Voice Prompts/Light Indicators/Audible Alarms

Android 11 OS, Dual Wide-Angle Cameras

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Technical Parameter


wall-mounted key cabinet-function
  • Physical: 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate with electrostatic spraying
  • Screen Operation: 15-inch Touchscreen LCD Display (Customizable)
  • Key Slot: 28Pcs(Customized)
  • Slot Life Time: 1 Millions Plug
  • Weight: 150Kg
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Humidity: 5%~9.5%
  • Working Temperature: -30℃~70℃
  • Dimensions: 740mm x 250mm x 690mm
  • Communication Methods: Ethernet RJ45, WiFi
  • Operating System: Android 11.0
  • Grant Access Permission
  • Unlock Automatically
  • Charge Automatically
  • Log Memory for Openings Upload Easily
  • Patented Locking Mechanism
  • Updatable Firmware

More Options of Electronic Key Cabinet

Supports Deep Customization

Wall-mounted Key Cabinet

Vertical Electronic Key Cabinet

Electronic Key Cabinet

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