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As living standards improve, health issues become an important part of the development and progress of people. This is also most directly related to the development and advancement of the healthcare industry. It has quickly adapted and begun to adopt new operating models, including the implementation of the latest healthcare technologies, medical technology tools, etc. Advances in healthcare facilities and the way clinicians provide care to patients and the use of technology in all aspects of medicine reflect the importance of the healthcare industry today. Advances in medical infrastructure have fueled the growth of health care. However, many of the security issues affecting the development of the healthcare industry still need to be addressed.

Access management and monitoring of patient data, medical equipment, prescription drugs, controlled drugs (anesthetics), etc. is urgent in healthcare facilities. They need to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to narcotics and prevent misuse by authorized and unauthorized personnel. In addition, traditional locks and keys do not provide the flexibility and convenience needed to manage a high-traffic area like a hospital. Some special areas in hospitals (e.g., heat, electricity, water, fire, etc.) have specific security needs because they must ensure that only authorized personnel have access. In operational healthcare locations, such as pharmacies, problems of drug possession, burglary and robbery are often encountered.

Vanma has accumulated many case studies in the healthcare industry and has developed solutions to address these issues to help customers guard the security of their healthcare businesses. Vanma solutions provide customers in the healthcare industry with robust access control and flexible authorization and accountability. The system has provided greater security for many healthcare businesses.

Authorized Unlocking, Lock and Unlock Record Management

Because the healthcare industry must be very strict in the use of medications and the management of medical supplies. The Vanma solution can authorize different roles depending on the actual need. Before opening the lock, Vanma Smart Lock verifies the key authority. Only if the verification is passed will the lock be unlocked, otherwise it will indicate a failure to unlock the lock. This can control the people who use the first aid kit to prevent unauthorized use of professional drugs; provide user rights management for mobile medical vehicles to avoid unauthorized people being able to use it during the tour; anesthesia safes in rescue fleet vehicles can be controlled by it for accessing people to ensure no misuse. vanma can effectively ensure the accuracy of accessing people.

Access Records for Easy Traceability

At the same time, Vanma solution provides real-time uploading of unlocking and locking data, and the records of unlocking and locking can be clearly seen through the Vanma management system, which makes it easy to trace the responsibility of personnel. Vanma records and uploads the unlocking of controlled medicine storage cabinets such as first aid kits, medical door locks, and narcotics to the Vanma management system in real time through smart keys, and the manager can use the The administrator can track who is using the medicine and when through the app and computer terminal. The flow of drugs can be traced.


One Key for Multiple Locks

With one smart key, locks at medical sites can be managed by multiple employees, and one employee can open as many locks as needed. Realized to provide flexible and convenient management in high traffic areas of hospitals, Vanma Smart Key is equipped with both Bluetooth and fingerprint modes, such as case file cabinets, medicine cabinets, narcotics safes and other important items cabinets that need to be managed by more than one person, Vanma Smart Key not only enables multiple employees to use the key to unlock the lock, but also can be set to apply the same lock to different medicine cabinets and areas. This not only enables unlocking management, but also increases efficiency to avoid cost wastage.

System Composition

Vanma Solution consists of three parts, electronic key, electronic lock and management software. The electronic key is the core of the whole system, which powers the lock when it is unlocked. Vanma locks are passive devices. Access rights are stored in the electronic key. The Vanma management software is the foundation of the entire solution, by managing the software, distributing and revoking access rights, reviewing access records.


Vanma Electronic Key

Vanma Electronic Lock


Vanma Management Software


Vanma for Healthcare Facilities

Vanma continues to provide security access management solutions for  Healthcare Facilities,including hospital, first aid centers, medical institutions, pharmacies,senior center . 

Vanma is a company dedicated to lock innovation, and providing the world with a more secure lock management system is the goal of Vanma’s passion. Up to now, more and more people around the world have enjoyed the efficient management and safe environment brought by Vanma locks.


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