Industry Solutions

At Vanma, we have gained extensive experience in many industries and are able to offer our customers the most adaptable and innovative locking solutions with the highest level of personal customization.

Industry Solutions



Vanma has accumulated many case experiences in the telecommunications industry, and developed solutions for these problems to help customers manage access control to telecommunications sites.

Electric Power

The Vanma smart lock system provides a high security and efficient solution for the electrical industry, including power stations, substations, and meter boxes.


The Vanma electromechanical locking solution provides wire-free access control to help traffic authorities upgrade their management of traffic control cabinets in a simple and affordable way.


Vanma provides access control solutions with high security and flexibility for the entire maritime, road, rail and air transport industry by combining mechanical technology with electronic technology.


Vanma smart locks can improve operational efficiency in terms of both security access and management platform. Managers can make changes to access rights at any time.
Vanma solutions provide customers in the water industry with strong access control and flexible authorization and accountability. The system provides greater security for many water projects.


There are some medicines and medical morphine in each case, which will be used when paramedics are out for an emergency. Easily implement any access control need with the Vanma lock system.

Oil Industry

Vanma has accumulated many cases of oil security and has developed solutions to address these issues to help customers secure their property in all aspects of oil extraction and transportation.

Mall & Retail

Through the Vanma management software, the access rights of each key can be flexibly controlled. Through the management software, you can also know who and when makes the access attempt.


The advanced software suite can provide access to all operations performed by the end-user, including a complete audit trail.


Airports and stations need seamless, standard access control systems to improve service quality. Maintenance companies and employees can reach the right place at the right time.

Data Center

Data center managers need to ensure absolute security, while also ensuring the access rights required by technicians, and maintaining the normal operation of equipment.

Our Customers Cases

Federal Electricity Commission

Oman Airport

TTCL Tanzania

Kuwait Oil Company

National Bank Of Egypt

State Grid

State Grid Corporation of China

University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham

Telekom Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia

Singapore Power Ltd

Singapore Power

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