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Electronic Power

Safety Issues in the Electric Power Industry

As technology advances, people are increasingly dependent on electricity and renewable energy. However, the power industry is a complex system, with infrastructure scattered across the suburbs. Not only do they need to withstand extreme weather, but they are also vulnerable to theft and vandalism. All of these events can lead to interruptions in the supply of electricity, which can cause serious damage.

In addition to this, the power industry has dangerous equipment such as high or medium-voltage equipment. Managers need to ensure that only authorized employees can enter the area. Otherwise, dangerous accidents may occur.

The Vanma smart lock system provides a high security and efficient solution for the electrical industry, including power stations, substations, and meter boxes.

equipment in power industry

Flexible Authorization

There are multiple departments and contractors in the power industry, and each of them can access different areas at different times. Therefore, managers need to grant them different authority according to their different roles.

Vanma Smart Lock can grant different authority for different roles according to actual needs, including not only the area but also the time. For example, the manager can grant permission for places that need maintenance, such as substations, and only the relevant departments can enter during working hours.

When there is temporary maintenance, the manager can grant key access remotely, saving the time to pick up the key.

Avoid Keys Being Illegally Copied or Lost

For the convenience of their work, some employees and dealers may illegally copy keys. In addition to this, there is another problem: the loss of keys. This is usually caused by misplaced keys of employees or changes in contractors. Both of these problems increase the difficulty of key management.

Vanma smart locks are different from traditional mechanical locks. It transmits information through the metal contacts, rather than through the shape of the key for authentication. Therefore, Vanma Smart Key cannot be copied.

When the key is lost, there is no need to worry about it, just add the lost key to the blacklist. Keys on the blacklist will not have the authority to unlock any locks, and the manager does not need to change the locks as a result.

high-voltage in winter

Fearless of Extreme Weather

The infrastructure of the power industry is often located outdoors and is exposed to extreme weather such as rain and snow. In addition, dust or oxidation of the lock cylinder may cause the lock hole to be blocked and prevent the lock from working properly.

The Vanma Smart Lock has an IP68 protection rating and the highest level of waterproof and dustproof rating. It does not have a lock hole in the traditional sense, so no dust, ice, or snow will clog the lock hole. At the same time, to ensure stable communication between the key and the lock, the developer has equipped the Vanma electronic key with infrared sensing technology. Even if the surface of the lock is wet, the information can be transmitted properly.

Tracing the Locking Records of Visitors or Employees

From a safety and security point of view, it is important for the manager to know who is coming and going, and this can also be used as a basis for accountability.

The Vanma lock system has an audit function, and its smart key can store locking and unlocking information. When the data is uploaded to the computer, the manager can check the report.

System Composition

Vanma Solution consists of three parts, electronic key, electronic lock and management software. The electronic key is the core of the whole system, which powers the lock when it is unlocked. Vanma locks are passive devices. Access rights are stored in the electronic key. The Vanma management software is the foundation of the entire solution, by managing the software, distributing and revoking access rights, reviewing access records.


Vanma Electronic Key

Vanma Electronic Lock


Vanma Management Software



Vanma for Electric Power

Vanma smart locks have provided solutions for the electric power industry many times, from power companies to residential meter boxes, and have rich experience. To date, 73 power companies around the world have adopted Vanma smart locks as a security solution.

We will customize an exclusive solution for you according to your needs, please feel free to contact us.

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