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Today’s college and university administrators face more complex challenges. In addition to providing first-class education, they must also ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff. Creating a safe and reliable academic and residential environment is one of the top tasks of campus safety professionals and administrators.

But for many schools with a long history, modern access control management systems are not well applied. A large number of construction problems plagued the management staff. Therefore, a simple and effective access control management program is the first choice.

Based on the experience accumulated in the industry, Vanma proposes a key-centric access control system as a security solution. The system aims to improve the security of the school to a higher level through functions such as key authority control and access record tracking.


Simplify key management

A single Vanma electronic key can open a large number of locks and replace the cumbersome keychain.

Access control

Based on a unique technology, key-centric access management is constructed with the end user in mind. It is based on three elements: a smart key, an electronic lock cylinder, and a unique software suite that provides powerful and traceable access control. Each smart key is unique and cannot be copied and reprogrammed, enabling it to open one or all access points, and in the event of loss or theft, such keys can be quickly disabled.

Easy to install

This solution does not require cables. The lock (also called a cylinder) does not require a power source or battery, which means it can be installed on any door (just like a mechanical lock) without maintenance. The permissions are stored in it. If your employee has authorization for the lock, it will open. If you do not have permission, you will not be allowed to enter, and all activities performed by the key will be recorded.

Access audit trail

The advanced software suite can provide access to all operations performed by the end-user, including a complete audit trail.


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