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The retail industry is a sector that encompasses a wide range of businesses, including supermarkets, department stores, and specialty shops. It plays a crucial role in the economy, generating employment and revenue.

However, the industry faces many security challenges.


Vanma's Solution

shopping mall stockrooms

Unauthorized access to sensitive areas

Specific areas in shopping centers such as unloading areas, stockrooms, and financial control rooms are typically restricted to authorized personnel only. However, without proper oversight, there is a risk of thieves gaining access and stealing valuable items.

Vanma electronic locks can be authorized according to different roles, allowing only authorized personnel to access specific areas in shopping centers and retail businesses within a designated time period.

Employees Abusing Access Privileges

Some employees may lend keys to others, which can pose security risks. However, traditional mechanical locks cannot record who accessed them, which makes it impossible to hold anyone responsible in case of losses.

Data is automatically generated when keys are used to open locks, recording the time, personnel, and which lock was opened. Audit records can identify employees who abuse their authority and hold them accountable.
Low Efficiency in Key Management

Low Efficiency in Key Management

Employees often have to carry multiple keys for different areas, which can lead to confusion and loss of keys. This, coupled with high employee turnover, can make key management challenging and necessitate lock replacement for security purposes.

Vanma electronic keys can blacklist lost keys to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, one key under an employee’s authority can unlock multiple locks, improving key management efficiency.

System Composition

Vanma Solution consists of three parts, electronic key, electronic lock and management software. The electronic key is the core of the whole system, which powers the lock when it is unlocked. Vanma locks are passive devices. Access rights are stored in the electronic key. The Vanma management software is the foundation of the entire solution, by managing the software, distributing and revoking access rights, reviewing access records.


Vanma Electronic Key

Vanma Electronic Lock

Vanma Management Software

Vanma for Mall & Retail

Vanma continues to provide security access management solutions for mall retail, including entrance doors, offices, surveillance rooms, emergency exits, warehouses, counters, fire protection facilities and more.

Vanma is a company dedicated to lock innovation, and providing the world with a more secure lock management system is the goal of Vanma’s passion. Up to now, more and more people around the world have enjoyed the efficient management and safe environment brought by Vanma locks.


Vending Machines in Kosovo

Replenishment and maintenance of the vending machines, which are scattered in various areas, became a major management pain point for the company.

Jewelry Display Cabinet

Security for sales and control of internal staff were their main pain points. Vanma took measures to keep the jewelry store running properly.

Advertising Panel

When the advertising panel failure, the operator often need to check the internal line, authorized to unlock is a necessary function.

Mall Counter​

Mall counters often store high-value jewelry or cash, the use of high security lock system is a necessary measure to enhance the security of the property.

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