Vanma Electronic Locker

Intelligent Asset Management

Vanma Electronic Locker is an intelligent system for managing valuables. It has several forms: standing, wall-mounted, and mobile. It is also used in several fields, including police, banks, stores, and pharmacies.
In order to meet the needs of different industries and customers, we offer customized services—both locker size and system.


Custom Lockers Features

Touchscreen Based

The touch screen has been tested for quality and can withstand 50 million clicks.

Recognition Method

Multiple identification methods, including face, ID and password. Ensure item security.


It can charge smart keys, cell phones, computers and other items.


Customize the locker size to fit your needs and match the size of the item.

System Customization

It can be integrated with other systems to simplify your daily management.

Audit Trail

Records are uploaded to the management system and can be accessed remotely.


The intelligent locker can be used in police, hospitals, shopping malls, railroads, logistics, 4S stores, banks, nuclear power stations, armies, prisons, and other industries. The rechargeable feature further expands its range of applications and enhances convenience.

Locker for Automotive

Locker for Automotive

Locker for Healthcare

Locker for Healthcare

Locker for Police Office

Locker for Police

Locker for Mall

Try Vanma Electronic Locker

Vanma is committed to providing efficient asset management systems worldwide and has extensive experience in various industries.

You can contact us at any time for custom lockers.

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