Solutions for outdoor environments

Airports, railways, and stations all have a huge amount of infrastructure. Railways have hundreds of miles of fences and hundreds of gates that need to be protected. And airports are also surrounded by fence locks that span thousands of acres. These outdoor facilities are at the mercy of the weather, be it extreme sunshine, snow, or salt. They are also sometimes located far from the electrical grid.

Vanma smart lock solution will be the answer to these questions.

The installation of Vanma passive electronic locks does not require a power source. The power is provided by the key, which means simple installation and minimal maintenance.

The protection rate of the Vanma smart lock is IP68, that is to say, it can prevent the intrusion of foreign matter and pressurized water jet. And it can be used normally in rainy, snowy weather and dusty conditions.

Demand for quality service

Airports and stations need seamless, standard access control systems to improve service quality. Maintenance companies and employees can reach the right place at the right time.

Vanma smart lock has a flexible authorization function, and multiple locks can be unlocked with one key.

Airports usually have a sterile area that only authorized personnel can enter. The administrator can set up the Vanma smart lock system, and only the key authorized can unlock the sterile field lock. Employees only need to carry one key during work. And during non-working hours, the key will not have the authority to unlock any locks. Both efficiency and safety are guaranteed.

Security challenge

Although airports and stations rarely encounter unforeseen times, such as fires. But managers need to consider this situation. When an incident occurs, emergency services must be able to reach the accident site unimpeded. Thus, the Vanma smart lock solution has a backup key configured with the highest authority. This key will allow the fire brigade and police to visit all areas around the clock.


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