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Vanma Access Control System

Efficient Access Control Management

Intelligent electronic lock management system software, with the actual business process as the core, from the task work order to the key authorization, and then the switch lock data management . Suitable for industrial security locking systems in various industries. The core platform to realize the interconnection of all locks.

Vanma Acess Key Control Management System

Vanma Lock System is a feature-rich enterprise management software that is perfect for enhancing access control and accountability. The software can accommodate tens of thousands of locks and keys, customize multi-role permissions, and set up administrator levels so that each administrator can monitor the locks, keys and people in their area of responsibility.

Working Process

Smart Lock System

First add a new department to the system,Enter department name,choose his primarydepartment,click confirm.
Once you create a department, you could not
change his primary department.


Click Worker—Add to add new workers who will
be responsible for unlocking.
Input these necessary information you need:Select app worker and remember to collect the fingerprint after adding the key.


Enter the key in the app and then find your key in the software and click “Take out”.You can give back and view the withdrawal data here.

The key list contains all the keys you have entered

As you can see, here is the operation records, and you could choose what data you want see in filter conditions. This operation report also could exported in two ways.

After operating the data, you can check the data in the software, click “Read Data”.And you can get information about the location of the switch lock from it.

You can enter your key on the app side and confirm the key opening and closing of the lock.

Web Structure

BS architecture, multi-terminal login, role assignment and management.

Algorithm Optimization

Realize the rapid processing of big data

Patrol Report

View reports in multiple formats.

Data Security

The end-to-end unique system code matching verification mechanism ensures data security.

Digital Map

System supports Google

Authorization Model

Multiple authorization methods, administrator, management PP, application.

Task Flow

Realize task flow management.


Support, FireFox, Safari and IE10 and above browsers.


Customization of system software that supports various business needs.

Operation flow of Vanma management system

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