Vanma Smart Lock System Protects the Warmth of Winter

What do you think is the most important thing in the cold winter? Maybe it’s heating. They usually have several power plants as well as numerous distribution substations and electric stations. For energy production to be constant without unwanted interruptions, the production plants must be kept secured.

As an energy supplier, they have a lot of risks. “In four years, only nine keys have gone missing. Previously, we would have had to rekey entire locking systems; now we just checked one box.” A well-known energy supplier’s security officer said.

Energy supplier

For the production plants, what is their trouble?

  • 1,100 employees had over 30,000 keys, which made the key control hard
  • Lack of flexible access control with mechanical keys
  • Lost keys could not always be determined

A smart lock system that can record key information: Vanma smart lock system.

  • One key unlocks multiple locks: Smart electronic lock unlock needs to be equipped with a special electronic key, and this one electronic key can unlock multiple electronic locks, unlock more efficiently, solve the key clutter, management difficulties. And the number of keys can be reduced from 3,000 to 1,100.
  • Flexible Authorization: Each key can be authorized by the software, allowing the key to unlocking which lock, or what period to unlock, convenient for management. The permission is granted only on the employee’s working day, and the lock cannot be opened at other times.
  • Blacklist: When the key is lost, a blacklist can be set in the smart lock system so that the lost key does not have any permission to unlock any lock.
  • Record Lock/Unlock Information: according to the Vanma smart lock management system, the records can be viewed, and the responsibility can be traced back to the specific employee.

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