Vanma Smart Lock System: Guardian of ATM

Security is one of the major issues that every industry must face. Especially in the current era of ever-abundant material resources, it is even more important to ensure the safety of people’s lives and production assets. In recent years, in order to further protect property safety, many banks have replaced the locks on their ATM, cabinets and other equipment, and replaced the traditional locks with passive electronic locks. The implementation of this measure has achieved unexpected results.



Traditional mechanical locks have many hidden dangers and inconvenience in operation. ATM using traditional mechanical locks must change passwords regularly, and labor costs are huge. At the same time, due to the lack of unlocking records, traditional mechanical locks cannot perform the function of monitoring, which seriously affects the real-time monitoring effect of ATM.
The passive electronic lock management system (such as Vanma smart lock system) is composed of smart keys, passive electronic locks, management software, and mobile phone APP (or key reader). It not only guarantees safety performance but also reduces manpower and material resources, kills two birds with one stone. The exclusive built-in encryption chip can keep large-value equipment for the bank, providing electronic and mechanical double encryption. At the same time, the lock with no power supply can avoid the hard and trouble of later maintenance. In addition, the design of the dust-proof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant lock, let passive electronic locks become the first choice to ensure financial security.

More convenient

The smart keys of Vanma’s passive electronic locks use AES128 to encrypt communication data to ensure that the communication cannot be cracked. And the smart key of the passive electronic lock is the first to add circuit technology to the key, with the control chip, power supply, and identification module built-in between them, and synchronous support for Bluetooth and other identification methods, making unlocking more convenient. At the same time, the supporting management software and mobile phone APP system can help administrators operate in real-time. On the basis of the perfect authorization management process, they can complete the lock cylinder information and update function setting, smart key authorization setting, data import and export, and backup, Operation log query, and backup functions, while supporting secondary research and development of related attributes.
After rigorous authorization steps, the passive electronic lock products used in the banking system can help administrators effectively prevent accidents such as the theft of cabinet locks, protect asset security to the greatest extent, and improve the work efficiency of bank managers.

The safety of property requires comprehensive protection. The technical strength and practical cases of passive electronic locks have opened a new way for the intelligent management of banking equipment. Perhaps in the near future, not only the banking industry, passive electronic locks will be widely used in all walks of life. This will greatly enhance the management efficiency within the industry while providing the safest and most scientific protection.

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