Three Suggestions for Intelligent Management of Army

The army is a confidential unit, and its security protection work is extremely strict. The intelligent defense of the ammunition warehouse is even more of the most important, and more comprehensive and intelligent prevention management is required.
The intelligent management system of the army ammunition depot mainly combines an intelligent monitoring system, intelligent lock management system, patrol system, etc. to carry out multi-faceted monitoring and management.

1. Realize high-definition video monitoring without blind spots in the library area. In order to protect the country’s property security and the personal safety of military personnel, it is very necessary to build a highly intelligent monitoring system for the military. The roots put forward several suggestions for the construction of the security monitoring system:

1) Install all-round controllable cameras on the main roads in the military camps to monitor the traffic and people flow for 24 hours;
2) Install fixed cameras at various crossings in the military barracks to monitor passing vehicles. This is an important place with a high incidence of traffic accidents, and there are many unsafe factors;
3) Set up a full range of cameras and environmental monitoring systems in key locations such as oil depots, substations, military depots, armory depots, and gas stations in the military barracks to closely monitor them;
4) Effectively monitor the office environment of the army;

2. In the management of military camps, such as the surrounding passages, rear defensive warehouses, and places where important materials are stored and the surroundings, the requirements for safety precautions are relatively high. In addition to video surveillance and other means, patrol personnel are usually required to conduct regular patrols every day. Check and deal with the situation immediately. However, traditional patrols are prone to phenomena such as stealing, not patrolling on time, and handling incidents in time. The use of the patrol system realizes the scientific and effective management of patrol work. The military electronic guard patrol management system includes patrol personnel management, patrol device management, patrol point management, patrol route management, and various event information queries. And it can reflect the patrol situation of the patrol personnel in real-time. When the patrol personnel do not arrive at the patrol point according to the specified time or do not patrol, it will appear in the patrol report.

3. The armory is the core of the management of the army. Whether the social order of a country is stable depends mainly on whether the management of ammunition and firearms is strict. A loophole in the management of the armory has disastrous consequences. However, traditional mechanical locks are still used in most troops, and traditional padlocks are not safe enough to collect statistics on usage information and conduct unified management. The smart lock management system needs to meet the following requirements:

1) Unified management of munitions Different types of munitions are distributed in different regions and cannot be managed in a unified manner. The munitions management center in multiple regions can be managed through the intelligent door lock system.
2) Ammunition warehouse supervisors can use fingerprint verification to open the door to prevent accidents such as losing keys or pretending to lead military supplies.
3) Control personnel entering and exiting the munitions warehouse, setting time validity and access authority. You can check who enters by unlocking and locking the door lock and save the record.

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