The Reason For The Popularity of Smart Electronic Locks

Locks in various industries have a very wide range of applications, such as electric power communication industry power distribution box, communication light box; High-speed rail maintenance doors, bus coin-box, container, etc. Monitoring box is one of the important projects in public facilities. Other fields, such as oil pipeline port bank cash boxes, military ammunition depot, dangerous chemicals warehouse, etc.

Locks in China have thousands of years of development history. In recent years, electronic technology has been applied to locks, resulting in the emergence of intelligent electronic locks.

Traditional electronic lock is to put all chips on the lock body, the lock body occupies a relatively large area, easy to become the target of criminals. But the intelligent electronic lock adopts the reverse thinking, integrates the power supply and the recognition module into the key, clutches the security facility in own hand, and can open many locks with one key, very convenient to manage.

But some people ask, what if the key is lost?
In fact, even if the key is lost, there is absolutely no need to worry. Users can delete keys directly through smart software. And because the intelligent electronic lock is connected with the background authorization, the user needs to get in touch with the background before opening the lock. Through ID card identification, fingerprint identification or user password identification, the background authorization opens the lock. Through the background control, the one-key pass function can be realized.

Traditional electronic door locks can’t do without power. One of the external power supply, the need for wiring. The other is to install battery power, often need to replace the battery, and the size of this lock is generally larger, uses up a lot of disadvantages. The smart electronic lock is the power supply device installed on the key, easy to charge and management, scientific content is high, advanced technology, take electronic and mechanical double encryption, and the built-in encryption chip, the smart key is 12 bits of hexadecimal code, can not be cracked, very safe.

From what has been discussed above, we can found that compared with the traditional electronic lock, intelligent electronic locks, on the one hand, raised the important equipment in every housing security, with advanced science and technology security, ensure the enterprises and institutions and the social assets to get maximum protection. On the other hand also for safety equipment from all walks of life to save the manpower, more efficiently promote the supervision mechanism, its best impact, will be popular in the future

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