The telecommunications industry provides communication services through various means, including phone, internet, and television. It plays a significant role in connecting people and businesses worldwide.

However, the industry faces many security challenges.


Vanma's Solution


Unauthorized Access

Infrastructure and sites in the telecom industry are often jointly maintained by different operators and contractors. Therefore, how to effectively manage and track the related technicians and contractors who visit the site has become a major concern for most telecom companies.

Administrators can set different permissions for different contractors and operators, including the time, key, and locks.
The Vanma key communicates with locks via infrared to confirm whether they can be unlocked or not, instead of the shape of the key. So the key cannot be copied, enhancing security.

Temporary Authorization

Many organizations centralize the management of keys and locks to secure infrastructure and property. In an emergency, the maintenance staff must travel between the management center and the site. The telecom sites are often located in remote areas, making it impossible to respond to incidents in the first place.

Managers can remotely authorize access to maintenance staff. So keys can be left on site. This ensures that the keys are not misused and maintenance staff can repair them the first time.
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Traceability of Responsibility

The telecom industry has a large number of employees. A traceable access control system is indispensable to avoid the exact person responsible cannot be found in case of an incident.

Through the software, managers can see who unlocked which lock at what time. The data is uploaded directly to the management center and collated into an audit report that will not be tampered with.

Expensive Maintenance Costs

Telecom companies have many sites, and employees need to carry a large number of keys when performing equipment maintenance, reducing work efficiency. Once the keys are lost, the locks can only be replaced, resulting in expensive long-term maintenance costs.

Vanma electronic locking system can use one key to unlock all locks under authority, each employee only needs to carry one key. And all locks are passive electronic locks, which require no wiring during installation and can be replaced in just a few minutes.

System Composition

Vanma Solution consists of three parts, electronic key, electronic lock and management software. The electronic key is the core of the whole system, which powers the lock when it is unlocked. Vanma locks are passive devices. Access rights are stored in the electronic key. The Vanma management software is the foundation of the entire solution, by managing the software, distributing and revoking access rights, reviewing access records.

Vanma for Telecom

Vanma continues to provide secure access management solutions for the entire telecom ecosystem, including mobile network operators, tower companies and data center service providers.
Vanma is a company dedicated to lock innovation, and providing the world with a more secure lock management system is the goal of Vanma’s passion. Up to now, more and more people around the world have enjoyed the efficient management and safe environment brought by Vanma locks.


Telecom Site in Kenya

It gives me peace of mind knowing exactly when someone has accessed any piece of equipment in my operation. The system really puts some accountability into place.

Telecom Site Gate in Malaysia

It is super convenient to get this. Awesome product, effortless configure. Thanks to this solution. Our job time becomes better.

Signal Power Towers in Tanzania

We loved everything about Vanma products. It is really nice. The locks are tough strong, but the service is soft. Super company.

telecom cabinet

Out Door Telecom Cabinet

Absolutely fabulous and a pleasure experience to work with such an energy team and amazing products.

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