Street Lamps Are Safer with Electronic Locks

Small street lights are not only directly related to the image of the city, more related to the night travel safety of thousands of households, a major concern. Last year, Wuhan street lighting administration had installed such a batch of “smart street lamps”. These streetlights are integrated with road monitoring, weather monitoring, information release screen, charging pile and other functions, and 5G microbase station carrying entrance is reserved. In the future, the light pole can also be further loaded according to the needs of RFID electronic labels, parking meters, traffic lights, road signs, parking signs and even network car information screen.

This is not only the street lamp but also the interface of the smart city.

The streetlights that carry the wisdom are protected by intelligent electronic locks. JWM intelligent lock management system is authorized by the management software + APP to the Bluetooth electronic key. The key opens the electronic lock according to the permission, and at the same time collects and saves the record of each lock operation. It also has the storage and interaction function of the data information of the unlock lock.

This system is the focus of work safety inspection. It applies the pattern of smart APP+ smart Bluetooth electronic key and coordinates with the mode of high security intelligent electronic padlock to ensure the safety of field operation, improve the efficiency of operation, and realize the safety information management of distribution network operation.

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