Smart Lock System of Smart Street Lamp Control Box

City night scene lighting is an iconic embodiment of a modern city. The small street lights are not only directly related to the city’s image, but also related to the safety of night travel for thousands of households. Whether the street lights are operating normally and whether the maintenance of the electric control box is in place, directly reflects the city’s management level and the development of science and technology. How to early realize the detection, resolution and prevention of hidden dangers of street lamps through scientific and effective management methods is an important method that is urgently needed in urban street lamp management and construction today.

Existing problems

1. Some units have not been audited, construction is disordered, management cannot be effectively coordinated, and the discovery is not timely, which affects the normal operation of the underground lines of street lamps, resulting in damage to street lamps.

2. The frequency of patrol does not reach the required standard, and the maintenance and management are not strong enough. Street lamps steal electricity, leak electricity, stolen lamps, power supplies, and cables, causing huge economic losses.

3. Due to the lack of management, the on-site inspection and supervision of maintenance personnel are not in place, and it is impossible to know whether the lock is unlocked and viewed. Once a major accident occurs, it cannot be held accountable.

Key management status

1. Too many keys, management is inconvenient.
2. Copy key privately cannot be controlled.
3. It is troublesome to change the lock after the key is lost.
4. The staff borrowed the real key and returned the fake key, but the management had no way of knowing.

Smart street light control box electronic lock

The Bluetooth key is authorized by the management software +APP. If the electronic lock is unlocked according to the authority, the operation record of each lock is collected and saved at the same time. It has the function of storing lock and unlock the lock data and interactive. Smart electronic lock has no power supply and has a unique ID code.

Scope of smart street lamp lock

The system focuses on the safety of street lamp operations, applying the mode of smart APP + smart Bluetooth electronic key, and cooperates with high-security smart electronic control box locks to ensure the safety of urban street lamp operation operations, improve operation efficiency, and realize the information management of street lamp operation safety.

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