Smart Fire Protection, Security Companies Are Ready to Go

From fire extinguishing to prevention, it is the transformation from traditional fire fighting to smart fire fighting. Software engineering, big data, and 5G all influence the tradition step by step, and fire protection is no exception.

Fire truck

Security companies are ready

At present, smart firefighting has become the mainstream of the entire firefighting industry, and security companies are also deploying smart firefighting services. Let’s take a look at which security companies are deploying smart firefighting industries.

 After two years of precipitation, Hikvision is based on a smart fire fighting platform, committed to creating a full coverage and multi-dimensional fire prevention and control system suitable for the new needs of urban fire remote monitoring.

In 2019, JWM launched the fire water management system, which guarantees the safe and good operation of water intake management, equipment maintenance, maintenance management, and fire protection facilities. The perfect integration of smart electronic locks and electronic maps, the management department can monitor the safety status of fire cranes, vehicles, equipment and facilities in real time through the city map. And it has been piloted in Shenyang.

Huawei has entered the field of smart fire protection. The first one is the extension of smart services in the construction of smart cities. The second is that Huawei can meet the needs of smart fire protection for the communication IoT technology.

Use 5G technology, AI, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to build a “smart fire fighting” system is an important means to ensure urban safety. In 2020, the COVID-19 has not hindered the rapid development of smart fire protection. In the future, more companies will participate in the construction of urban smart fire protection.

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