VanmaLock Glossary

Phrases and Corresponding Explanations About Vanma Products.

Locks and Accessories

Cam Lock

A lock that has an attached cam that serves as the lock’s bolt. Cam locks are often used on cabinets, file cabinets, and drawers.

Chain Lock

A chain lock is a type of lock used on doors for added security. It consists of a chain attached to the door frame and a bar attached to the door. When the door is closed, the chain is looped around the bar and locked in place with a small key or slide bolt.

Cable Padlock

Cable locks are flexible cables that wrap around equipment and an anchor point and lock with a key, combination, or both to prevent theft or unauthorized use. They’re used with items that cannot be secured with a padlock, like portable equipment, tools, bikes, and computers.

Closed Shackle Padlock

It is a type of padlock that has a steel casing that surrounds its shackle, providing extra protection against bolt cutters and other tools that may be used to break it. Its design makes it more difficult to pick or tamper with than a regular padlock. It is commonly used to secure high-value items like bicycles, motorcycles, and industrial equipment.

Euro Cylinder Smart Lock

A Euro Cylinder Smart Lock is an electronic locking mechanism that replaces a traditional key-operated cylinder on a door. The lock can be opened using a key, a keypad, or through wireless connection to a smart device. These locks are usually used on dividing doors or sliding glass door locks and mostly in Europe. The exterior length of the lock usually vary, but all the other dimensions are standard.

Handle Lock

A handle lock is a type of lock that typically has a handle that is turned to engage or disengage the locking mechanism. It is commonly used in doors and other applications where a simple lock is needed.


A padlock is a type of lock that is typically used to secure doors, gates, storage units, lockers, and other items that require a basic level of security. It consists of a metal body with a shackle that can be passed through a hasp or other fixture to prevent it from being opened. The shackle is typically released by a key or a combination code.

Swing Handle Lock

A swing handle lock has a handle that swings to open or close the lock, and typically has a more complex locking mechanism than a simple handle lock. This makes it more secure and better suited for applications where a higher level of security is required, such as in industrial or data center settings.

U Lock

A U-lock is a type of lock used to keep bikes and motorcycles safe. It has a strong U-shaped steel piece that goes around the bike or motorcycle and a fixed object, like a pole or bike rack, and a lock to keep it in place.


The USB HUB is a docking station that allows communication between Vanma smart keys and Vanma management software. In addition, the USB HUB acts as a recharger for the lithium-ion polymer battery in rechargeable Vanma Keys.

Functions and Characteristics

Access Control

The control, management, and monitoring of the entrance and exit of people through secure areas.

Access Records/Operation Records/Unlock Records

When a smart key is used to unlock or lock a lock, an access record is created that logs details such as the time and user. This record is stored securely and can be reviewed by authorized personnel to monitor access activity and identify potential risks or vulnerabilities.

Blacklist Management

When an electronic key is lost, the administrator can report it as lost or stolen in the electronic lock management software. The lost key is then added to the “blacklist.” Keys on the blacklist have no authorization to unlock any locks. After reporting the key as lost, the administrator needs a blank key to encode the blacklist information onto it. The blank key communicates with the electronic locks, informing them which keys are on the blacklist.

It is used for managing the lost smart keys, once the lost keys are blacklisted, they can’t unlock the locks anymore.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is a collection of computer hardware, software, and networking equipment that is needed to provide cloud services. It allows people and businesses to use computing power, storage, and other resources over the internet without having to own and manage their own equipment. Cloud infrastructure is scalable, meaning it can expand or contract to meet the changing needs of its users.


The IP68 rating is a standard that indicates that Vanma lock has the highest level of water and dust resistance.

Operating Environment

The operating environment of smart locks and smart keys refers to the conditions in which they are designed to work properly. This includes physical and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment of a lock refers to the process of applying a coating or finish to its surface. Different treatments such as electroplating, anodizing, powder coating, or painting can be used to protect the lock from environmental factors that can cause damage. It can enhance the lock’s functionality, appearance, and longevity.


Identifying an individual based on some type of provided information. Verification may be done using an access card, a smart key, a PIN, etc.

Electrostatic Protection/ESD Protection/Static Electricity Protection

It is about preventing damage to electronic devices caused by sudden static electricity flow. ESD can harm sensitive electronic components and cause devices to fail or malfunction. Taking ESD protection can prevent costly damage and malfunctions in electronic devices.


AES256 Encryption

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 is a security algorithm that uses a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data. It is highly secure and commonly used to protect financial data, personal information, and confidential business information. The AES algorithm was approved by the NSA for handling top secret information.
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