Passive Electronic Locks Help the Intelligent Upgrade of Cable Distribution Box Locks

Internet applications have penetrated into all aspects of production and life, and have had a major and profound impact on industrial development, residents’ lives, and government governance. We can often see the optical cable transfer box of the operator (referred to as the optical transfer box). Don’t look at these ordinary street cabinets, but they are responsible for protecting, connecting, dispatching, and managing the use of various enterprises and institutions and households. The role of the trunk cable and branch cable. However, due to the extremely low security of the mechanical lock installed on the cabinet door, the light delivery box was stolen, which greatly affected the use of the network and brought inconvenience to our daily work and life.


In recent years, locks have also made considerable progress, such as code locks, magnetic locks, electronic locks, laser locks, voice-activated locks, and so on. On the basis of traditional keys, one or more sets of passwords are added, with different sounds, different magnetic fields, different sound waves, different beams and light waves, and different images. Such as fingerprints, fundus retina, etc.) to control the opening of the lock. Among them, intelligent passive electronic locks, as one of the outstanding ones, have gradually come into people’s sight, indicating that the era of “a key to open a lock” is about to pass, and the era of identity recognition, smart keys, and system management is about to open.

Passive electronic locks are mainly aimed at the pain points of industrial cabinet locks: mechanical locks have a low-security level and are easy to be stolen; there is no unlocking record, and problems cannot be traced; key management is difficult and easy to lose, take by mistake and be copied; key borrowing The process is complicated, the management efficiency is low, the workload of the maintenance staff is large, the need to carry multiple keys, and the use and maintenance are inconvenient. Targeted solutions to this problem.

Passive electronic locks, when you need to unlock the lock, you can remotely authorize unlocking through the mobile APP, which can completely replace all the functions of the electronic lock and allow maintenance personnel to throw away a large number of keys and unlock the lock simply and conveniently; at the same time, there is a record every time it is opened, The problem can be traced back to the responsible person. Realize 1 smart key + N passive electronic lock + mobile APP = security. Provide safe, reliable, flexible, convenient, recordable, and low-cost solutions for customers in various industries with the characteristics of “massive equipment + extensive distribution + fine management”.

Passive electronic locks are maintenance-free electronic locks with the highest reliability, the most energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. It is the best choice for the intelligent upgrade of industrial cabinets.

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