Operation and Maintenance Process of PowerBox Transformer Room

Only the standard optimized process is the key to ensure the correct and efficient power operation and maintenance. At the same time, through continuous training and perfect management system, in order to protect the normal operation of electricity. Combined with advanced technical means to make the operation and maintenance work simple and effective.

Operation and Maintenance Process

1. Get out the smart electronic key, manage to allocate time and authority according to regulations.

2. Arrive at the designated box transformer room for daily inspection.

3, there is no abnormal sound, odor (insulation coking odor).

4. Check whether the current and voltage of the transformer are normal.

5. Whether the connecting bus, primary and secondary lead joints have obvious deformation.

6. There is no crack, damage, discharge sign or trace on the secondary insulator.

7. Whether the fastener connection is loose, whether the conductive parts have signs and traces of rust and corrosion, and whether the insulation surface has creepage and carbonization phenomenon.

8. Whether the temperature of the temperature controller is in the normal range, whether the functional indicator is normal, whether the temperature controller is inserted in the upper hole of the insulation block.

9. Whether the epoxy resin layer of the transformer is in good condition without cracking or damage or scaling on the external surface.

10, the transformer indoor condensation, smoke, ventilation, lighting, temperature control facilities are normal.

11. Whether the transformer room door, window, guardrail and fire protection facilities are in good condition.

10. Whether all parts are well-grounded.

11. Use the smart electronic key to lock the door.

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