Is Money Safe in the Bank?

In a sensitive environment, various categories of people require different access authority. This is particularly evident in banks. The roles in the bank are usually divided into customers, employees, and service providers. With more than 3,000 bank access points fitted to date, Vanma controls and manages every category of bank access for branches, self-service banking, technical installations, cash-in-transit and more.
Take a typical bank as an example: This bank has three problems with access control: safety of machines, safety of employees and safety of cash.

1. Safety of machines

Machines generally refer to ATM, CCTV, and anti-fraud systems. This area is a public area. Both customers and employees can enter this area, and there is no time limit, and they can enter all day. Therefore, high-performance safety equipment needs to be installed here.
After installing the Vanma smart lock system, only employees with specific permissions can enter the monitoring room, reducing the risk of damage to the machine by unrelated personnel.

2. Safety of employees

Banks often have large amounts of cash, which can be a target for robbers. Therefore, protecting the personal safety of employees is also one of the important responsibilities of the bank. Install Vanma smart lock system in areas that need key protection. When encountering danger, employees can enter the safe area with a Vanma smart key.

3. Safety of cash

The goal of the bank is to provide customers with continuous cash. Therefore, the bank must allow cash transfer companies and maintenance technicians to easily access the security protection area within the required time.

After installing the Vanma smart lock system, the manager can authorize it according to the time reserved by the cash transfer company. To prevent being deceived, resulting in the loss of cash.

At the same time, Vanma smart lock uses unique encryption technology, which cannot be cracked or copied, which strengthens the security of the bank.

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