Intelligent Electronic Lock To Solve The Cabinet Not Locked And Other Issues

The intelligent door lock of the cabinet is not locked, and the cabinet door is not closed. There are about three situations:

1. The door lock looks “broken”?

Lock not go up or close not go up, pile up with brick, top is always better than “not top” strong, at least dust won’t enter unbridled ground, but still seal not strict, can have dust to invade, rainy day can ooze water, high-temperature air conditioning refrigeration effect is not good, it is possible to encounter external “invasion” at any time, may be damaged.

2. The door lock was broken!

After cabinet door is pried, pull namely open, door handle has obvious by pried trace, the magnet inside vertical hole had disappeared, “pried door pry lock”, harm oneself!

3. The door lock is not “broken”.

People do not comply with the norms, leaving the station is not locked, some people are forgotten to close, some people are not aware of the norms.

No matter what the above reasons for the cabinet did not lock, once the cabinet stole, the light will cause economic losses, heavy will happen to the safety of life. So the manager must carry out base station management problem, often check machine cabinet, put an end to the phenomenon that did not lock after leaving, the ability is true to machine cabinet box, to the life property safety to play the role of safety guarantee

JWM intelligent electronic lock integrates microelectronics microcontroller, avoided like traditional mechanical lock or seal opened by technology, lock core metal part is made of stainless steel material, the internal chip adopt closed technology, full metal jacket, strong and durable, can adapt to the outdoor applications such as waterproof, dustproof, prevent damage requirements, protection grade IP68. Thus put an end to other malicious lock behavior, put an end to the destruction of important equipment in the industry box, effectively ensure the normal operation of the industry system equipment.

Electronic keys have the ability to record lock picking events. Unlocking is recorded. When the smart key is inserted into the lock core, power is provided to the passive electronic lock through the electronic key. The smart key and electronic lock are used for information verification and password verification. After matching successfully, the motor is started and the key is turned to open the padlock. It is the solution with the highest level of security recognized internationally.

Passive electronic lock after recent years of development has been in power, communications, military, petroleum, railway, shipping, logistics, public transportation, department stores, Banks, museum, prisons, for industries such as in the concrete application, in different application environment, different industry appeared different trajectories, form a complete set of keys and management software function is also more detail. In the future, the electronic lock is bound to be more widely used in various industries.

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