Intelligent Electrical Box Lock Solves The Problem Of Sundry Accumulation In Power Distribution Box

Dongmingyuan residential area is located in 383 lane, Dongming road, Pudong new area. Building 1-32 of the residential area is a 6-story residential building, and the three buildings of 33-35 are 24-story high-rise residential buildings. In high-rise residential buildings, there are many floors of the corridor is full of debris and garbage, even one of the floor of the electrical box was pried open, inside is also full of debris. The clutter is outside. In the summer heat, a small spark can start a fire.

These pile up material is like the time bomb that bury, bring hidden trouble to the life safety of owner. If the sundry inside the electrical box catches fire, causing the electric line fire, the consequence is even more unbearable to contemplate, after the resident reflects to the property, the property contacts the owner to clear out the sundry. But before long, the clutter was back.

Fire department officials said, if the residents found their community fire the safety hidden trouble , for example, closed the evacuation passageway and safety exit or have other impede safe evacuation situation, can call 96119 fire hotline, the hotline staff will give feedback to the fire brigade of the public security bureau, and then the detachment will forward it to the fire staff of the police station. Law enforcement officers go to the scene to verify, will ask the owner or related units to rectify. If no rectification is made, law enforcement personnel will in accordance of the ,<Fire Control Law Of The People’s Republic Of China>, which stipulates that “it is prohibited to occupy, or close evacuation passageways, safety exits, or engage in other ACTS hindering safe evacuation” to punish.

In addition, most of the locks of distribution equipment boxes adopt the traditional method of unlocking, which cannot confirm the identity of the operator, and cannot control and record the permission and time of unlocking, so the process cannot be tracked. security guards after the patrol, not according to the provisions of the lock substation box is also an important reason for safety hazards.

JWM security electronic lock is authorized by the management software +APP for the Bluetooth key. The key opens the intelligent electronic lock according to the authority, and at the same time collects and saves the records of each lock operation, which plays an important role in standardizing the work of security guards.

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