Increase the Safety Level of the Museum

A museum is a sacred place. It carries the history of an area or tells the story of an event. Some museums even contain artifacts from all over the world. In the museum, every cultural relic is invaluable, and once it is damaged or stolen, the loss caused is incalculable. Therefore, both staff and managers need to be extra careful. Using Vanma smart lock system will make the museum more secure.

What challenges will be faced?
There are many precious collections in the museum, which are extremely valuable. On the basis of not destroying the original buildings and cultural relics, it needs a safer and modern lock. The basic requirements of the museum for the smart lock system are:
Can record unlocking time and personnel.
Does not require excessive maintenance. For example, changing batteries for door locks.
Minimize wiring and reduce damage to the museum.
Low cost. Because the number of locks required by the museum is large.

Vanma’s solution:
The Vanma smart lock system uses a passive electronic lock combined with a management system.
Passive electronic locks do not require a wiring layout, and all power is concentrated in the key. If the battery is insufficient, the employee only needs to charge the key without removing the lock.
The electronic key has a unique 64-bit ID identification code in the world, with strong reliability and high security, and is widely used in banks, jewelry stores, etc.
After entering the key and lock information in the Vanma smart lock system, the key can be assigned to the staff. The administrator can set the use time of the key in the system. Besides this period, the key does not have the ability to unlock locks.

Vanma’s benefits:
One key unlocks multiple locks: Smart electronic lock unlock needs to be equipped with a special electronic key, and this one electronic key can unlock multiple electronic locks, unlock more efficiently, solve the key clutter, management difficulties.
Flexible Authorization: Each key can be authorized by the software, allowing the key to unlocking which lock, or what period to unlock, convenient for management. The permission is granted only on the employee’s working day, and the lock cannot be opened at other times.
Blacklist: When the key is lost, a blacklist can be set in the smart lock system so that the lost key does not have any permission to unlock any lock.
Record Lock/Unlock Information: according to the Vanma smart lock management system, the records can be viewed, and the responsibility can be traced back to the specific employee.

“Its use is similar to traditional mechanical locks, and it does not require employees to learn new methods of use, making it easier for employees to operate.”


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