How to Reduce the Cost of School Access Control System?

It is the basic duty of every school to provide teachers and students with a good and safe campus environment.

The school in France used traditional mechanical locks as access control systems in the past. But it caused a lot of trouble for both the staff and the school.

  1. Everyone has too many keys. The school not only store valuables such as computers and laboratory equipment but also store files. The files involved the privacy of teachers and students. All classrooms had mechanical locks to protect safety. And each employee had around forty keys, which makes them difficult to unlock.
  2. The key is always lost. This is the most annoying problem for the school. Once the key is lost, the school needs to replace the key and lock. According to statistics, they spent 2,000 to 4,000 Euros each year on changing the locks.
  3. Unable to track information. The school has archived for storing medical and academic documents. When used the mechanical lock, the person entering the room was required to register, which wastes time. Even if someone did not register, the school was not able to find out, which cause safety hazards.

Vanma smart lock proposes the following solutions to the above problems:

  • One key unlocks multiple locks. The administrator can grant permissions to the key in the system and decide which locks the key can unlock. In this way, employees only need one key to open all the locks. Employees no longer need to manage keys.
  • Blacklist. After the key is lost, the administrator can add the key to the blacklist in the system, so that the lost key will not be able to unlock any locks. All the school needs to do is to buy a new key, no need to change the lock or other people’s keys.
  • Unlock records. The administrator can view the records in the Vanma smart lock system. When an employee enters archives, there is no need to register, saving time.

“Vanma smart lock is really a great security system, which perfectly solves our existing problems. The types of locks are also very complete, including padlocks, cam locks, cabinet locks, and they can provide all the types we need. This is true. It’s a very simple and pleasant system to use every day.”

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