Application of Passive Smart Locks in The Power Industry

Passive smart locks in the power industry can be applied to power cabinet locks, ring mains, power distribution cabinet locks, outdoor distribution box locks, anti-theft box locks, anti-theft cabinet locks, network computer room locks, box transformer locks, computer room door locks, cable branch box locks, capacitive compensation integrated distribution box locks, street lighting control box locks, terminal box locks, metering box locks, multi-user meter box locks, bill box locks, cash box locks, Cash box lock, financial bill box lock, financial cabinet lock, access door lock, etc.

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For a long time, some units, especially private enterprises, have used the theft of electric energy as a means of profit, adopting various methods to neglect or under-count the electricity in order to achieve the purpose of not paying or paying fewer electricity fees, causing a large amount of electricity loss in the country and the power supply department, and the loss is staggering. This has seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of power supply companies, disrupted the normal order of power supply and use, seriously affected the development of the power industry, and brought serious threats to the safe use of electricity. However, with the continuous upgrading of the intelligence of electricity stealing technology, the main body of electricity stealing has developed from the original residential users to the enterprise, from the life to the operation, and from the outside to the inside of the power supply company, especially among the large industrial and commercial private electricity users. Theft of electricity. This caused a huge amount of line loss and irreparable economic losses.

Even if special lead seals or ordinary electronic locks or mechanical code locks are used in some places, after a period of use, their fatal flaws often give the stealers more opportunities. Such as the signature is copied, the ordinary mechanical lock is privately assigned the key without knowing it, the ordinary electronic lock, the mechanical code lock is easy to be deciphered, or the secret is artificially leaked, etc., so that the use of electricity management is more difficult, more complicated, and even Electricity stealers bring a convenient protective barrier against electricity theft.

In view of the above drawbacks, the use of passive smart locks overcomes the problems of other active systems that must be connected to a power supply and an external battery, which is complicated to maintain and poor anti-interference. Directly replace old-fashioned lead seals or mechanical locks that are easy to imitate and cheat. To standardize management, all the devices in the power system cabinets can record the unlock, authorized person, unlocking time, switch lock, and other real-time records. In addition, the unlocking keys of passive smart locks and keys are updated in real-time, which is artificially unknowable and cannot be leaked and cannot be copied and forged.

With intelligent functions such as, positioning, tracking, monitoring, and management, the smart key can open all box doors with simple authorization, which brings considerable convenience to the daily operation and maintenance of the substation. For example, in the past, hundreds of locks correspond to more than dozens of keys in the substation. In daily work, it is quite inconvenient for operation and maintenance personnel to find and carry keys. After adopting the passive smart lock, you only need to carry one smart key to open all the locks. Unique unlocking patent, intelligent and convenient, truly realize the management mode and application of “Internet + lock” in the power system.

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