Application of Passive Electronic Locks in The Telecommunication Industry

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In today’s fast-paced communications industry, the use of optical cables has become the main medium for data carrying. Optical cables are increasingly used in metropolitan area networks, local networks, optical fiber broadband services, and related networks with transmission requirements. From the perspective of communication operators, vigorously develop optical fiber networks to become the only way for development. As an information provider, it should be able to provide high-quality and high-speed customers in a fast, safe, and stable manner. Low failure data transmission service. Therefore, it is the biggest consensus of all operators to achieve fiber to the roadside (FTTC) and further fiber to the home (FTTP), also known as fiber to the house (FTTH). Therefore, in the construction of optical cable networks, the number of transfer boxes has increased geometrically. How to manage the increasing number of optical cable transfer boxes and enhance the daily maintenance of optical transfer boxes is related to the construction and operation costs of optical cable networks and future benefits.

As we all know, there is no power supply in the general optical cable transfer box, so how can we use digital electronic technology to finely manage the optical interchange box to achieve high controllability and high security, can quickly deploy management. Passive electronic locks can solve a series of problems.

Passive electronic locks will not have a series of increased maintenance work caused by additional active equipment such as additional power supply, batteries, etc., power failure, high failure rate, frequent battery replacement, or even high temperature due to the harsh environment The resulting battery failure, explosion, additional economic losses caused by fire accidents.

Passive electronic locks can be deployed quickly in the construction of optical cable transfer boxes and in the light entrance and copper retreat project. The old system transformation does not need to increase the amount of work. The installation on the box body only needs to fix the lock to the door. , And in view of the fact that most light delivery boxes are located on the roadside, unattended, and the obvious external padlocks are easily damaged, the Cologne light delivery box is provided with an optional hidden installation model to reduce the risk of accidental damage caused by exposed locks.

At the same time, it also eliminates the risk of loss of security caused by the installation of the construction unit’s private keys, the resignation of the daily maintenance personnel, and the loss of the keys, as well as a large number of complex and cumbersome lock replacement risks.

At the same time, it can cooperate with a special customizable system to finely manage daily maintenance and attendance, so that the responsibility is to the individual and the fixed-point operation time is recorded to the second. To ensure that there are no missed inspections and skip inspections in daily maintenance operations, and the daily operation content records, which greatly improves the management level of daily maintenance operations.

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