Application of Passive Electronic Lock for Public Transportation

Widely used in: coin box lock, cash box lock, financial cabinet lock…….

With the development of the public transport industry, in the modern public transport system, more and more public transport companies have adopted the coin box to reduce operating costs and optimize human resources, but at the same time, it has also brought new problems, such as the lack of supervision of the use of the coin box is very simple and easy to open mechanical locks. The lack of regulation has also brought incalculable economic losses to the bus companies.

And all over the country from time to time reported the theft of the bus coin box. Passive electronic lock is installed on the bus coin box; Is to put an end to the company and crew members in the community with the unlocking personnel secretly open the box cheating, private keys…… Violation of laws and regulations.

Vanmalock Passive Electronic Features:


With traditional mechanical keys, there is an inevitable lack of control by not being able to know who can have copies of the keys. With Vanmalock access control, once expiration or key loss, access permissions are eliminated.


No more bundles of keys. With mechanical lock, we have to have a key for each user and lock. With Vanmalock, each user will have a unique smart key that contains all the permissions for which they are authorized.


Thanks to the Vanmalock access control, the security of the company will be reinforced by being able to set where and when each user or worker can access it. Responsibility traced back to the individual.


Vanma electronic locks are no power needed and require no maintenance, of course, there is no need to change the battery.

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