Application of Intelligent Passive Electronic Locks in Logistics Vehicles

Security issues in the retail industry can cost companies billions of dollars each year. Risks in the retail industry usually appear in two areas: data breaches and physical theft. In order to properly protect your business, you must first understand the risks involved.


With the gradual acceleration of economic development and the expansion of online shopping, the safety of logistics management and distribution has become more and more important to the public. In the process of logistics transportation, cargo owners are most concerned about the safety of truck cargo management. But what makes the industry most contradictory is that the development speed of technological upgrading is far behind the industry’s management standards: because the ordinary locks used in the truck transportation process are very easy to be opened, plus a series of convenient management for users Ordinary mechanical keys, as long as they are accidentally lost, will render the original protection measures useless and cause great loss of logistics; the commonly used lock keys can also be copied many times, even if theft occurs frequently, but Since it is impossible to know for sure whether someone has opened the lock during transportation, it is difficult to hold accountable, and in the end, it has no choice but to stop. Locks can be regarded as the core part of logistics and transportation. When the safety of locks cannot be guaranteed, it is not surprising that the problem of cargo loss frequently occurs in the logistics and transportation industry.

Ordinary mechanical locks and padlocks are easy to be hacked and drilled due to technical loopholes. If you encounter a stolen and irresponsible driver who takes advantage of his powers to take care of the goods in the truck or steal the fuel from the fuel tank to sell, it is very It can easily cause irreparable damage to the owner. The logistics electronic lock, which was born at the historic moment, is an industry artifact developed based on the premise that goods transported by trucks can be safely transported to the destination according to the schedule and the safety of the goods throughout the process.

The vanma passive electronic lock management system is based on computer management software as the background, with the handheld device to set the passive lock and the electronic key. Only when the microprocessor inside the lock cylinder and the chip inside the key pass mutual verification A smart passive padlock that can be unlocked. This smart lock is a logistics transportation unlocking solution, providing two possible options: one is the driver’s “keyless” solution where the loading area is locked by the on-site administrator and the unloading area is unlocked by the local administrator; the other is One is that the loading area is locked by the driver or the on-site administrator, and the driver opens the mobile phone APP to apply for an unlock request when arriving at the unloading area. After the administrator verifies with the local administrator, the driver who is authorized and the driver unlocks holds the key. This is also the biggest difference between Vanma and traditional locks-while fully guaranteeing the safety of the goods, the separate settings of passive electronic locks, smart keys, management software, and mobile APPs truly give the initiative of logistics and transportation to the owner of the goods. In hand, through the unified authorization of informatization, the effectiveness of protecting assets, supervising personnel, and keeping records for inquiries is achieved.

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