Intelligent Electronic Lock in Power System

Since the state grid corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as “grid corporation”) built a strong smart grid, the power grid has changed rapidly. With the continuous increase in the cost and operation and maintenance cost of equipment such as supply, distribution and electricity, power grid companies have also raised their requirements for security against theft, refined asset management and intelligent control. In the field of marketing measurement, the theft of electricity by users has caused huge economic losses to the power grid company every year, and part of the power equipment has also been damaged, which has greatly increased the potential safety risks and power accidents of power equipment. With the development of Internet of things technology, wireless communication technology and cloud computing technology becoming increasingly mature, the operation and management of power equipment assets has also brought more rich experience and ideas.

With the development of electricity information collection and construction, the demand of power grid companies for fine management of various metering assets is increasing day by day. Traditional mechanical locks have shortcomings in asset management, security management and business management. A new technology is needed to make metering asset management safer and easier for grid companies.

In view of the current status of locks and management, in order to better explore the development direction of intelligent electronic electronic locks, the following problems should be solved:

  1. Intelligent electronic lock: electronic device opening function, no power supply, long-term use, good unlocking stability, indoor and outdoor use conditions;
  2. Security management: strictly limit the access of personnel to unlock the lock and unlock the device through permission level distribution to improve security control;
  3. Asset management: through the standard electronic process, complete life cycle records of lock acquisition, installation and retirement as well as refined asset management;
  4. Business management: the operation behavior is related to the business, and information such as unlocking, personnel and time can be traced. The traditional management is transformed to intelligent management through locks, metering boxes and equipment binding.

Electronic lock application solutions is established by a cloud platform, APP, and smart locks of three-dimensional management mode, through dynamic generation, key personnel authorized operation process control, remote wireless unlock and way, the whole process of implementation of intelligence from the lock to lock closure visual management, to enhance the level of refinement and intelligent power equipment assets management play a supporting role.

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