Access and Key Control of Ancient Architecture

Current Problems:

The protection of ancient architecture is very important, it is necessary to control and manage the visit to scenic spots and exhibition halls. With so many keys in circulation, the security of the building can be compromised if the key is lost. Time and money wasted every time you lose your keys.

Solution: JWM smart access control lock

No wiring, no power needed

Considering the integrity of the ancient buildings, it is very convenient to use JWM intelligent access control lock, which does not need to destroy the wall structure during installation.

Authorization Unlock Lock

Electronic keys according to the management authority to open the lock, can be specific to someone, a certain period of time, a lock, flexible management, limited access to the staff.

Unable to Copy

The electronic key of JWM intelligent access control lock uses electronic encryption technology, two-way verification, cannot be copied, and the lost key can be quickly deactivated.

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