A New Generation Of Electrical Box Locks Has Come Online

Recently, in a number of power with a network box, communication light box on the appearance of a common mechanical padlock similar, but in fact is a high-tech intelligent electronic lock. Then someone will ask: “since it is a smart lock, so the lock must contain the circuit, so small lock, and every day in the outdoors, the wind, the sun, the rain will not appear a problem. The answer, of course, is no.

“No powered” and smart, is in itself is a combination of contradictions, in order to realize intelligent electronic circuit is necessary, also must have the power, the passive part is the design of intelligent lock only electronic circuit, electronic key provides power and identification, so as to realize the passive and smart, to adapt to the use of harsh environment. The intelligent electronic lock is not only waterproof, sand – proof, anti-condensation, rain, sand – proof high grade; Its unique electronic and mechanical double encryption, idling lock core technology, making it more secure; And the design that passive electron lock body does not have power source, make its volume more compact, install more convenient.

At present, the transformer boxes of power companies mostly use traditional padlocks, core locks, hand locks, etc., as the locks for the safety protection of the door. Traditional mechanical lock is to use the ordinary key to open the door, this kind of ordinary key has a variety of disadvantages.

  1. Keys are reproducible, which is not conducive to the maintenance of power equipment;
  2. The number of transformer boxes is large, so it is inconvenient to keep all kinds of keys;
  3. The security level of the lock is low, unable to resist violent unlocking, resulting in damage and loss of the electrical equipment;
  4. Manual lock management, lack of scientific and efficient way;

JWM intelligent electronic lock has been realized: unlock identification, the record unlocks information, smart key authorization management, smart key access to open all locks, cabinet inspection function, location map display, and other functions. Under different application environments in different industries, different development trajectories have emerged and supporting key and management software functions are also more detailed.

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