Disadvantages of Keyless Door Locks

The keyless door lock seems like an up-to-date and fancy way of keeping your property safe. However, many are unaware of the risks that may follow when using one of these systems.

Code Hacking

Unfortunately, some crimes are committed by the ones that know us best. Without a physical key, it is possible that someone could guess your password. Intruders do not always come in the form of robbers. Uninvited guests can also be over-bearing in-laws or neighborhood kids.

Forgetting Your Password

Choosing a random password is suggested to maximize your security as it is easier to guess repetitive numbers or important dates. However, if your code is too complicated or is changed often, it can be easy to forget. Writing down your codes or sharing them with others can also pose an unnecessary threat to your home’s security.

Electric Problems

Due to the system’s reliance on electricity, electrical issues can make your home vulnerable to attacks. In the event of an electrical failure, your home can be left completely unlocked, or the lock could function improperly. Though most systems have a backup battery, you don’t want to risk your valuables to the chance of failure.

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