Why Should You Need a Server Rack Door Lock?

With the rapid development of the Internet and communications, data security is becoming more and more important, which means that enterprises must do a good job of server security. Here are some potential security implications.


Intentional Damage

This is the most common security problem, many servers do not have a server rack door lock, which allows employees or others to have the opportunity to enter and destroy property damage and network system paralysis

Temperature Control

Server rooms usually have coolers and ventilation systems, and random access can create temperature instability and risk equipment damage due to overheating or undershooting.

Data Theft

If there is no server rack door lock, personnel can easily enter the server room and steal data to leak the confidential information of the enterprise. Therefore, to protect the safety of the server to supervise, the server rack door lock must be installed.

What are the available locks?

RFID Card Lock

The RFID card is assigned to the designated person who can enter the computer room. This method is better than the combination lock, because the combination lock cannot guarantee that everyone will remember the password. If the password is forgotten, there will be unnecessary troubles.

data security

Biometric Lock

The price/performance ratio of fingerprint or face recognition locks is also very good, but the quality of such locks is uneven, and it is necessary to ensure sensitivity and durability. If the service life is short, frequent replacement will increase the cost.

Mechanical Lock(Not Preferable )

Mechanical locks seem to be the cheapest but also the least secure. Whether they are made of brass or stainless steel, there is essentially a risk of keys being lost or copied. At the same time, a large number of keys need to be managed, reducing work efficiency and increasing risk.

Passive Electric Lock

At present, only this kind of lock can solve the security problem of the server room. There is no need to manage a large number of keys. One key can manage multiple locks. At the same time, it also has the function of fingerprint lock, which uses fingerprints to distinguish identities and customize permissions. All locks do not need wiring, saving costs, the following is the recently widely used passive lock manufacturer Vanmalock. Vanma server rack door lock can solve all the problems that other locks can’t solve.

Improving server room security is paramount, choosing the right lock not for the cheap

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