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Why Should I Lock My Electric Box?

It has been identified that an unlocked electric box will assist bad guys break in and is a serious threat to your safety.

The electric box without a lock will bring a lot of risks:

Threat to Home

  • The thief cuts the power of your house and waits to see if anyone comes out to check the electric box, no one comes out – no one at home, so they break in.
  • The power of your house is cut, the thief waits for you to go to your box, they enter via the unlocked front door while you are checking the box.
  • Criminals cut off the power of the house. You have to check whether there is a problem with the electric box. The criminals faint you when you check the situation of the electric box.

Threat to Business

  • Food storage: Imagine that power is cut to a restaurant electric box for 30 minutes, food storage equipment such as refrigerators cannot work normally, and foods worth $ 100,000 may deteriorate.
  • Hospital: It is very important for a patient for a few minutes. If the life support system loses the power supply, patients may lose their lives. Therefore, the hospital must always maintain electricity.
  • Factory: In the assembly line of the factory, a power outage may cause great losses. If the factory produces 1,000 pieces of products a day, when you multiply the number of numbers at the cost of each product, the factory may lose tens of thousands. If you lock the meter with an electric box lock, these accidents can be prevented.
passive smart lock system

You can use the Vanma smart lock to create a electric box lock system, Using a main key to unlock multiple meter boxes. This is convenient for daily maintenance, and the function of authorizing unlocking can prevent the key from being stolen.

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