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Why Is It Difficult to Manage Industrial Locks?

Locks are widely used security management tools, covering almost all industries, such as industry, banking, transportation, petroleum, electricity, telecommunications and so on. However, the management of industrial locks is a difficult industry lock. The main reason is the harsh outdoor environment and complicated personnel management.

Industrial Locks

What are The Industrial Locks?

The types of industrial locks are mainly combined with the actual application scenarios. Mechanical and electrical cabinets usually use cabinet locks, fire cabinets use cam locks, gate fences use padlocks, power distribution rooms use handle locks, and monitoring switch boxes use cam locks.

Why is Industrial Lock Management Difficult?

1. Bad Outdoor Environment
Industrial parks, especially machinery manufacturing and petrochemical areas, contain corrosive elements in the outdoor air, rain and snow, which are prone to damage to lock components. The lock hole of the mechanical lock is directly connected to the lock cylinder, and the lock is easy to rust outdoors, reducing the service life.

2. People Management is Complicated
There are many employees in the industrial zone and the personnel are complex. It is very easy for the patrol personnel to be lazy and skip the patrol, or to find someone to replace the patrol. The patrol log book can be modified at any time. Traditional patrol methods simply cannot be effectively managed and controlled. This is also an important reason for the frequent occurrence of industrial accidents.

How to Solve?

The latest solution is to use an intelligent patrol system to replace the traditional method, and design a scientific plan based on the actual situation of the plant.
Vanma Lock has extensive experience in industrial locks and security management.

Vanma Lock System Features
1. Access control
2. Real-time access record data statistics
3. Electronic keys cannot be copied
4. One key opens ten thousand locks

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