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Why are intelligent padlock more expensive than mechanical lock?

All advanced technologies are accompanied by larger prices. For example, every new model of Apple iPhone launched with significantly increased (10% or more) than the previous one. Smart technology is no exception.

While it is undeniable that intelligent padlocks are expensive solutions to protect facilities and family security, but they have many advanced functions compared to traditional padlock, so that their worth has soared.

intelligent padlock

The main functions of intelligent padlock include: voice control, remote access, one-click unlocking, authorization unlocking, and enhancing security of your property.

In addition to technical costs, some types of intelligent padlocks are not easy to install at home, maybe you need also the help of professionals to install intelligent padlocks. And most intelligent padlocks require battery power supply or wired connection to work normally. Otherwise, you need to connect it to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to access all the functions.

Compared with traditional locks, all of them have increased overall costs.

At the same time, when a intelligent padlock goes wrong, you may also spend more money to fix it.

Although there are additional costs, it is worth spending more money on reliable safety equipment for most people.

mechanical lock
mechanical lock

So, is the intelligent padlock really worth investing?

Overall, yes. Intelligent padlocks have a variety of advantages worth your investment. Although the price is higher than the traditional lock tongue, but smart locks are more convenient. They provide advanced security functions to ensure your family security.

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