Why Do We Need Access Control in the Building?

The access control system is not only a system to protect the physical security of the building, it may also generate greater value. In terms of physical security, the access control system can protect buildings or places, which achieves the purpose of protecting your people, places and property. But this is only the beginning of the access control system, if it is used properly, it can add value in many ways. For example, you can use it to generate data, which will not only increase productivity, but also potentially increase creativity and performance.

You can even use the access control system to increase your sense of happiness and accomplishment. Don’t underestimate these two points, they are really important to us.

Access Control System

What's wrong with ordinary keys?

Many smaller organizations use traditional mechanical keys to lock their doors. But this kind of access control has flaws and limitations, especially when the organization becomes larger and larger over time, the following problems will arise in key management:

1. Lost the key

If someone loses the key, the only solution is to replace the lock cylinder. Only in this way can it be ensured that the lost keys are not abused. After replacing the cylinder, the new key needs to be distributed to everyone who needs to enter the room.

2. Cannot record

The traditional key does not have an audit function, and the manager cannot see who uses the key to open the door at what time. So, the manager cannot know who entered the building and how long it lasted.

3. The keys are difficult to manage

If someone has high authority and can enter many buildings or rooms, carrying a large number of keys will make them feel inconvenient. And because the keys are similar in appearance, it is difficult for them to remember which key is used for which door. If the labeling method is used to distinguish, then the loss of the key will cause great hidden dangers.

Access control system functions

  1. Determine who has permission
  2. Determine which locks they can open
  3. Determine when they can visit
  4. Determine under what conditions they are allowed to access
  5. Determine when they visited
  6. Void the lost key

In addition, the access control system also allows managers to set these parameters for everyone and update them anytime and anywhere, ensuring that only those with corresponding permissions can enter the corresponding system.

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