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Why Do School Archives Need an Access Control System?

A security breach happens almost every other day now. In this context, the importance of safety and being in a safe environment cannot be overemphasized. Mechanical locks are no longer able to prevent unwanted visitors from entering the premises, so access control management for school records is critical as it is the first line of defense in the event of a security breach.

The school’s archives hold all faculty and student materials, whether students have graduated or not. So school archives are usually very large. Moreover, these materials cannot be handled arbitrarily, because it involves the privacy of teachers and students. Once leaked, it will not only cause trouble to the lives of students and teachers but also cause damage to the reputation of the school.

Benefits of access control systems in school archives

Secure identity

This is the first benefit the school enjoys after installing the access control system. They can verify the identities of students and staff. Unauthorized persons cannot enter the area behind.

Evidence collection

There have been many incidents on campus, be it vandalism or theft. An access control system is a great way to provide evidence. The Vanma smart lock has the function of recording the opening and closing of the lock, whether it is unlocked with a key or locked with a key, it will leave a record. Managers can check through the smart lock system.

Multi-building management

The longer a school is created, the more material it has. Managers also had to separate multiple classrooms for data storage. Having a Vanma smart lock system means that managers can control access to multiple rooms at any time.

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