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Why Do I Need to Lock My Meter Box?

Why Do I Need to Lock My Meter Box?

What would you do if your power was suddenly cut off?
Nine out of 10 people who responded to us would go straight to their meter box to find out why. This seems reasonable, but what if the power was cut off on purpose? We have seen multiple criminals exploit this vulnerability to harm and harm homeowners.
The meter box contains the various electrical components as well as the main switch, meters, circuit breakers and fuses that control the flow of electricity into your home. In addition to this, energy theft is not only very costly to society, but also creates dangerous situations, such as a very high risk of fire. Moreover, the self-contained protective device of the meter box is usually not professional enough and has poor protection performance.
Meter Box
So for security reasons you must ensure that your meter box is fully protected and you must lock the meter box securely.
Safety must be everyone’s number one priority. To ensure maximum protection of your home’s electrical equipment and gas installations, you need to lock the meter box. Oftentimes, your gas and energy provider cannot lock the meter box for you. For your safety, protect your meter box, it can be at home or in any commercial or office setting.
By placing a tamper-resistant, lockable enclosure on the meter box, you can eliminate the chance of a burglar cutting power, while still providing utilities and homeowners the necessary access to what they need.
Using a professional locking device has the following benefits:
Meter Box Lock

Prevent Power Outages

If your meter box is open or unsecured, it is more likely to be tampered with by vandals, children or criminals. When your power supply is interrupted, certain unfortunate situations can occur. For example, your frozen meat and vegetables will thaw and spoil quickly.

Avoid Inconvenience

Likewise, if your gas supply is turned off, you may need to turn off the gas for individual appliances or have an installer do this for you. Of course, if you forget to close the gas valve during the period, gas leakage may occur. Imagine how serious the consequences will be if it is not handled properly.

Extra Layer Security

The unscrupulous can check that you are home by turning off the power or gas supply. perpetrator then wait if you will Come out and check the meter box. If no one is going out, that means no one is at home and they can continue with their plans. Get another layer of protection by installing a meter box lock.

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