Why Are Intelligent Access Control Systems So Powerful?

First, the access control system provides managers with significant advantages and friendly user experience. Managers can use smartphones to control access for workers. Regardless of the size or number of employees, key management is no longer an issue (including loss and theft). The intelligent access control system solves this kind of problem.

The intelligent lock system is a perfect combination of the best characteristics of “mechanical lock” and “electronic lock”. Why do say that? The electronic lock system can control the access of the employee through the Internet. This application is based on the Bluetooth key. The manager arranges access to the lock through the smart lock management software. The worker needs to turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, pair with the Bluetooth key, then can obtain the updated access, and write the permission to the key through the Bluetooth.

Since the lock is opened using a smart key (Bluetooth key), it is not affected by the traditional way of opening the lock, so when the key is lost, there is no need to replace the key like a mechanical lock to be stopped immediately. One of the great advantages of smart lock systems is that they can track and supervise lock pickers. There is a clear record of the management software of who visited, when, and where, for the convenience of employee assessment and accident accountability.

Smart lock systems meet the stringent security needs of a wide range of industries. From communication base stations, transportation, and power industries to product warehouses, vending machines, Banks, and more, smart lock management systems are excellent choices for access control.

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