Why Is Electronic Smart Lock Important?

Surveys and studies show that every 30 people lose their keys at least once a week, and the wasted time costs them a total of $5,500 over their lifetime. The solution looks simple – switch to a keyless system!

The following are several common types of smart locks:

01 Bluetooth
√ Multiple locks are allowed.
√ Automatically unlocks when approaching the door.
√ Great battery life and requires little maintenance.
Disadvantage: the range is usually limited to around 150 feet or less.
Representative: Kwikset
√ Works with Alexa, Ring doorbell, and other smart home devices.
√ Track the locking/unlocking records

                                                02 Keyboard
                                               √ Set different codes for different people.
                                               √ Change password anytime.
                                               Disadvantage:must remember the passwords.
                                               Representative: Sohomir
                                               √ Small power consumption.
                                               √ Multiple user passwords.
                                               √ Automatically locks.

                                              03 WiFi:
                                              Representative: Schlage
                                              √ Free APP
                                              √ Built-in alarm
                                              √ Auto-lock
                                              √ 30 access codes
                                              √ Works with Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit.

04 Biometrics Fingerprint
√ Multiple fingerprints.
√ High security and difficult to forge or alter.
Representative: Vanma Fingerprint Cabinet Lock
√ Low power alarm.
√ 20 sets of fingerprint.
√ 360° fingerprint all-round recognition

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