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Which Electronic Padlock is More Secure?

It is very important to understand what level of security your electronic padlock can achieve.
You don’t have to worry about the security of your property all the time due to the various disadvantages of locks that may be exploited.
You need to know your main security purpose, and then choose the electronic padlock with outstanding advantages in the market. Below are some options for reference.

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What to Focus on Electronic Padlock

Lock suppliers often have customization capabilities. So you find yourself the most need to be resolved issues, you can put your opinion to the supplier. The following are the features of high security electronic padlocks.

1. Access Control

The biggest difference between electronic padlocks and mechanical padlocks is the storage and management of access information. When administrator information is entered, the electronic padlock must deny access to all other unregistered personnel.

2. Access Records

The operation record of the electronic padlock can be formed into a data sheet that can be exported to check the operator’s work. The operation record of the lock system includes the time, location, lock number, name and position of the unlocker.

3. Simple Installation

Electronic padlocks are often used outdoors, such as factory gates, railway enclosures, meter boxes, telecommunication cabinets. Electronic padlocks are difficult to fit in complex outdoor environments. So padlocks with built-in batteries or powered by an electronic key are the best options. Installation is as simple as a mechanical padlock.

4. Lock Body Strong & Weatherproof

Electronic padlocks must be dust-proof, waterproof, anti-static, lightning-proof and vandal-proof. Don’t be surprised that such locks exist, Vanma locks are. It is SUS304 stainless steel material, the operating environment temperature (-40℃ to 70℃) humidity (20% to 97%).

5. Key Copy Protection

Electronic keys are encrypted with special codes and are difficult to copy. It also has a “blacklist” function. When the key is lost, all unlocking permissions can be cancelled within 1 second.

Electronic Padlock Brands on the Market

Now that you know what you should focus on most, it’s easy to spot a quality electronic padlock from the existing market.
Find brands in the market such as VanmaLock, dormakaba, Camlock, abloy, masterlock, Locken with high quality electronic padlocks.
Vanmalock has been committed to the research and development and manufacture of locks for 22 years. It has rich successful cases and solutions in electric power, communication, chemical industry, transportation, banking, and commerce, and is the most representative supplier.

Vanma Padlock

While saving money is important, it’s worth investing in the security that comes with a high-end padlock. Time will tell you that its long-term value is immeasurable.

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